Uneek is always looking to collaborate with photographers and influencers on social media. Here’s what we have to offer on our end. We have two social media accounts @theuneek @uneekglobal with over 35k followers combined, a Facebook page with 15k followers, an active email marketing campaign with 5000 contacts and a page on our website where we showcase people who endorse our bracelets.  Please fill out the form below and our marketing rep will be contacing you through through email. We also have an ambassador program if your interested in earning commission through all sales generated through your custom URL and coupon code. Click here for more information

  • Please include your Instagram link.
  • Please include the amount of followers you have
  • Please answering the following: 1) How much store credit do you wish to receive? 2) How many photos will you take of our bracelets? 3) How posts can you offer us on your social media platforms?
  • Please include your rates and the duration the post will be up for.